“Building on our success with the Freedom summit in Cambridge last year, the focus of this year’s event is on a number of strategic topics concerning political and ideological issues.

Porto Freedom Summit is becoming a unique high-profile international event that directly supports central-right organizations in order to share ideological and practical wisdom from different countries and different organizations.

Additionally, the conference is a key knowledge sharing platform for national and governmental level politicians. The EYC aims to facilitate debates, information exchange and offer networking opportunities to young politicians and representatives from organizations.

So, we have a task to complete. Let us bear this responsibility in mind, and honor it!

As the chairwoman of the European Young Conservatives, I am looking forward seeing you to Freedom Summit in Porto, Portugal on 30th of September - 2nd of October.

I wish you the successful and fruitful days in Portugal!”

- Keti Mamulashvili, EYC Chairwoman